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Do you believe in magic?

19 October 2009

We all have read this review by a visitor of the show Inside out that is now up and running in London for about three weeks. The post is so beautiful that we had to quote the whole thing. You can read the original post on NONITAS BLOG.

Thank you very much for you sweet words Nonita! 🙂 / Cirkus Cirkör

Note! This is a quote from the blog by Nonita


by Nonita


I do. Especially after my fabulous night at the Peacock Theatre last Friday. I went to check out a show called “CIRKUS CIRKOR: Inside Out” and truly, I was not prepared to be blown away that way. It was absolutely magical!

Already intrigued by the sombre character descriptions and the whole macabre feel to it, I decided to find out what this Swedish circus of oddballs was all about.

There was no official curtain lifting. The stage was already open and a repetitive circus type tune was constantly playing in the background. The props in the stage looked quite not so technically sophisticated, creative but yet a bit humble in a way.


A couple of large canvases with painted signs that read: “No phones” and “No cameras” were passed around the crowd, hand by hand as if they were balloons and the white clown – who stole my heart – was running around, interacting with the public, who were rather slow to take their seats.

Finally the show begins with a man who is picked from the audience and is asked to seat on a static bicycle and pedal non-stop to light up the stage. On the right hand side of the stage there is a live rock band featuring Irya Gmeyner, a fantastic singer who wears a fabulous vintage dress in the style of Jessica Rabbit and then changes to a mini sequined one, keeping her crown of coloured feathers on.


The music is amazing and it constantly plays as the act unfolds, adding to the whole experience. With their incredible mix of live rock music, acrobatics and story telling, you feel that all of your senses are tickled: your eyes, your ears, your emotions but most importantly… your heart.

The show consists of 7 multi skilled circus artists from which “The white clown” – as call him – (Fredrik Deijfen) is my favourite! He wears a stunning, totally white outfit, top hat included and his static white hair reminds me a bit of Johnny Depp in Edward Scissor Hands. He is incredibly agile and bouncy and extremely charming, alluring and sexy! I only knew of the existence of funny clowns, evil and scary clowns or sad ones, but never had I come across such a cool and sexy and in a way romantic clown. And the same goes for the circus. It was surreal… it was about love.


The artists play their tricks around a whole story which shows different scenes, they all involve a heart, but not a cheesy-cupid heart but a human heart, with all arteries and veins and the pain that it causes when it is broken or when it stops working.

The show makes you question yourself, is it really this physical organ which determines whether I am “alive” or “dead”? Beautiful parodies of how weighty our heart can become when
we have to drag it around on our own, how over-protective of it we can become sometimes, not allowing anyone in after having been hurt and the joy that comes with being able to learn to
trust someone blindly again, to loose our fears and just jump up with open arms.


This clip sums up one of my favourite moments, when the band plays the song “My angel” as one of the guys spins in circles inside a hoop with the same intensity of the singers voice and the drums… A memory I shall keep for years to come. For those of you who ever thought of running away with the circus, this is definitely the one to run away with…

— You may be good at jumping from heights and exposing yourself to extreme physical dangers, but still be afraid of saying “I love you”. To circus artists, taking risks is an everyday matter. Physically when throwing themselves into the open air, or hanging ten meters above the ground suspended by only by one hand in another person’s hand. Watching someone performing a feat that requires absolute presence of mind is like seeing someone truly being themselves. In these situations you cannot pretend – says Tilde Björfors, director and founder of Cirkus Cirkör.

A run of 58 shows will be performed in a total of eight cities, including Moscow, London and New York and will continue touring throughout 2010, so if it’s near you don’t miss it!!


I loved when they performed the song “Yours until tomorrow” as the acrobats did their piruettes up in the air… it was simply… magical. You can listen to it here



10 Comments leave one →
  1. 19 October 2009 14:09

    Thank you guys! you are all so amazing, I absolutely LOVE your work. 🙂
    Lots of love from London
    Nona x

  2. mathew gooding permalink
    19 October 2009 15:51

    A great review Nonita. It truely was a great performance that was entertaining throughout, exciting and at the same time moving. The sound track performed by a live band fronted by Irya Gmeyner was brilliant and perfectly complimented the entire performance. A must see.

    • Cirkus Cirkör permalink*
      13 November 2009 17:49

      Sorry Mathew for not answering earlier (just found out how to do it 🙂 – thank you for your precious comments!!

  3. 28 October 2009 11:30

    Actually, this Friday, everyone working for Cirkus Cirkör are going to London to see the show!

    We’ll try to report in real time on – but also on the blog asap.

    So if you see a bunch of people in Cirkus Cirkör sweatshirts on the streets of London on Friday – it’s propably us 🙂

  4. cindy permalink
    14 December 2009 16:00

    Hello everybody !
    I’m french, and i saw you when you came in France to Caen, and it was so amazing !! I love the moment when the white woman fly on her little poney on the air =)
    I particulary enjoy the drumer of Irya’s playground, he has a very good talent, really !

    • Cirkus Cirkör permalink*
      14 December 2009 17:03

      Thank you Cindy! So cool to hear from you and that you found our blog 🙂
      It’s great to hear your personal favorite episodes in the show, everyone really has their own moments.
      The show went to Italy after France and is now back in Stockholm, Sweden, to perform during the Christmas holidays.
      Take care and have a great holiday!!!


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